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Next meeting is June 21th 2017
at Doug Avery's ranch in Cool.
Bring chairs and swimming suits
It will be a potluck/barbecue affair with DHA providing the meat for the grill.
Address is 1930 Hwy 193, across from ALT 2nd gate
Enter through the LEFT gate and keep it closed.

The Divide Horsemenís Association is dedicated to working with the community to develop and maintain new and existing equestrian and hiking trails on the Divide.


Samantha March is training on Tuesdays. She has 25 years experience training for show and trail. $40.00 an hour plus $10.00 arena fee. Individual lessons are one hour, groups will go longer up to two hours. No more than four in a group.

For training or group lessons, contact ,  Samantha March 916-825-5427.

Updated: 20 May 17 jds